Featured Artists

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

- "Christmas Show"

- Bernie & The Bandits

- Plus guest artist Tiffney Stroh Reynolds

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

- "New Year Show"

- Sandra Humphries & her band

- Plus guest artist Matthew Czerwonka

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

- The Buddies Four

- Plus guest artist Cactus Martens

Bernie & The Bandits

Info - Bernie & The Bandits have been playing their own cabaret style of country music now for over two decades, with Bernie “the Bandit” Scott born and bred in Yankalilla (in South Australia), where he began drumming at the age of nine with his father in an "old time" dance band. He moved to rock bands in the 60’s and 70’s. and can play almost anything he picks up, including clarinet and saxophone. Each of the talented members of the band have earned themselves respect to go with their countless awards in the music industry over the years and are able to mix and match a repertoire to suit audiences, from a little pop to 50’s and 60’s rock and roll, country rock, mixed in with  classic "old time" country music. They are a fun band with plenty of good sing-a-long country music.

Members & Contact - Bernie "The Bandit" Scott (saxophone, vocals) 04 3982 6046, Patsy Croucher (guitar, vocals), David Cross (keyboard, vocals), Bobby Craig (drums, vocals).

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Tiffney Stroh Reynolds

Info - No details supplied by artist.

Contact - No details supplied by artist. 

Sandra Humphries

Info - Based in Mt Gambier (South Australia), the multi award winning independent singer/songwriter Sandra Humphries has full houses wherever she plays, and is in demand across Australia and around the world, with her faultless vocal delivery and stirring country roots, she's the real deal, and when hearing her sing, you know she's felt every emotion and survived it.

Contact - website www.sandra.com.au or web page www.facebook.com/sandra.humphries.509?fref=ts 

Music available - cds - I'm Stronger, Requested, I'm Worth It, Take The Pain Away, Every Road

Matthew Czerwonka

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The Buddies Four

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Cactus Martens

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