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Abbie Ferris

Info - None supplied by artist

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Alan Webster

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Amber Joy Poulton

Info - Based in Adelaide (South Australia) with over 10 years playing the music she loves, Amber Joy Poulton performs both her own original material and those in the tradition of the queens of country music, with artists like Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, June Carter, Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton. One of the busiest arists around, Amber Joy Poulton was a a Top 10 finalist in the Toyota Star Maker competition, has been awarded the 2012 Best Vocal Collaboration Award for the duet Close Enough with Doug Bruce and constantly performs to crowds all over Australia, including supporting Kenny Rogers.

Contact - website or web page or web page 

Music available - cds - Foolish things, Taking Goodbye, Honky Tonk Queens, Honky Tonk Angels

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Amy Lea

Info - Amy Lea won the 2012 Junior Champion Of Champions (in South Australia) and numerous other solo awards over many years in the (South Australian) Festival Circuit, plus attend the Junior Country Music College in Tamworth (New South Wales) in January 2014.

Contact - 04 1985 4982
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Angela Easson

Info - Angela Easson is an accomplished performer dedicated to reaching her highest potential in the country music industry. 2011 Toyota Star Maker finals competitor, international winner of the Trans Tasman Entertainer Of The Year Award (in Norfolk Island), 2009/2010 South Australian Senior Champion Of Champions, and graduated from the CMAA Country Music Academy in Tamworth (New South Wales).

Contact - 04 2902 7691 or website or web page or web page

Music available - cd (ep) - Angela Easson

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Bernie & The Bandits

Info - Bernie & The Bandits have been playing their own cabaret style of country music now for over two decades, with Bernie “the Bandit” Scott born and bred in Yankalilla (in South Australia), where he began drumming at the age of nine with his father in an "old time" dance band. He moved to rock bands in the 60’s and 70’s. and can play almost anything he picks up, including clarinet and saxophone. Each of the talented members of the band have earned themselves respect to go with their countless awards in the music industry over the years and are able to mix and match a repertoire to suit audiences, from a little pop to 50’s and 60’s rock and roll, country rock, mixed in with  classic "old time" country music. They are a fun band with plenty of good sing-a-long country music.

Members & Contact - Bernie "The Bandit" Scott (saxophone, vocals) 04 3982 6046, Patsy Croucher (guitar, vocals), David Cross (keyboard, vocals), Bobby Craig (drums, vocals).

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Big Jim The Irishman

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Bill Bedford & Country Roundup

Info - Bill Bedford of Clare (South Australia) is one of the State's most noted balladeers, with a genuine approach to what he does and loves, with the lineup of Country Roundup varying on the availability of other artists. Bill Bedford & Country Roundup have been entertaining country music lovers for many years, and Bill was inducted into The Riverland Country Music Hall Of Fame at Barmera (South Australia), back in 2003.

Contact - (08) 8842 3750

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Bill Ordway

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Billy Dee

Info - Billy Dee arrived from Liverpool (England) as Bill Dagnell back in 1976, and has performed in bands, duos and solo work. He heads the country/folk band Rare Old Times, and with his wife Cindee as Mellow Dees. 

Contact - (08) 8352 4046 or 04 2994 1099

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The Blackhats

Info - The Blackhats have been playing around Adelaide (South Australia) since the hottest club in town was The Twenty Plus Club, even though it didn’t serve a drop of alcohol. Back then The Octogen was rocking, The Castle Hotel really had a castle and the Adelaide (South Australia) bands were leading the Australian music scene. They played in a number of bands during the 60's and hey, these guys can even remember some of those times. Playing together over the years has given Dave, Rocky, Ned and Jim the skills to entertain and keep a crowd dancing.

Members & Contact - "Mallee" Dave Verrall 04 0071 9112 or web page or web page, Peter "Rocky" Datson, Denis "Ned" Gore 04 1788 2080 & Jim Roberts.

Music available - cd - Live

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The Buddies Four

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Cactus Martens

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Carole Sturtzel & Wild Oats

Info - Carole Sturtzel has (for many years) been called "The Queen of Country Music" (in South Australia). When you look at her career highlights and achievements, it quickly becomes obvious that the title is well deserved and in fact she was officially crowned at The Avenue of Honour, at Barmera (South Australia) in 1994, and The Hands Of Fame Park at Tamworth (New South Wales) in 2000 (with her daughter, Beccy Cole. Carole started her career in 1961, when only the best survived, and 50 years later she can still bring a house down. 1961 saw Carole join the band called Tremors and began working around Adelaide. She had studied calisthenics, piano and drama so she was no stranger to the stage. A year later Carole met and sang with The Penny Rockets, leading to her joining Woodies Teen Time on Channel 9 Adelaide (South Australia). This show was the start on a long and distinguished career on tv,  which included regular appearances on the shows Country And Western Hour, Adelaide Tonight, Bandstand, Seventeeners, Stairways, Childrens Show, Action (with Bob Francis), The Barry Ion Show, Country Style, and many others. Carole still plays from time to time with her band Wild Oats, and works with her daughter, Beccy Cole, whenever possible.

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Charlie McCracken Band

Info - Born in Western Australia, the multi award winning singer/songwriter Charlie McCracken's rich baritone voice has been likened to that of one of his heroes in Waylon Jennings. In the early 80's, Charlie formed a band Kentucky, playing for a number of years in Western Australia, before moving to South Australia in the late 80's to join the band Both Barrels. Charlie studied music technical production and attained a Diploma Of Audio Engineering, later building his recording studio The Refinery in O’Sullivan Beach (in South Australia), and formed a small independent label, CBM Records. Charlie was inducted into The Riverland Country Music Hall Of Fame at Barmera (South Australia) in 2004.

Contact - 04 1375 3881 or website or web page 

Music available - cd - This Is Charlie McCracken


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Chooka Williams

Info - Brian "Chooka" Williams was inducted into The Riverland Country Music Hall Of Fame at Barmera (South Australia) in 2010 and has become in high demand around the South Australian country music circuit and beyond. His willingness to always lend at hand at fundraisers right across the State has see him become a favourite and respected performer not only with audiences but also with his many associates in the country music arena.

Contact - 04 2792 1742 or web page or web page

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City Cowboys

Info - City Cowboys is a good time 4 piece country band, that focus on getting and keeping people on the dancefloor having a good fun time, and are made up of drums, guitar, bass, piano and harmonica, with harmonies one of their strong points.

Members & Contact - Peter Symons (a.k.a. Boogie Man) (vocals, electric piano and harmonica) 04 6833 9662, Bill Clarke (drums) (08) 8234 1692, Joe Griffa (guitar, piano, trumpet and drums), Doc Sheedy (bass).

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Creole CowboyZ

Members & Contact - Dixie D (button accordions, guitars, bluegrass banjo, harmonica, vocals) (08) 8270 3219, Scrubber Pete (rubboard, didgeridoo, kazoos, vocals), Gumbo Pete (electric bass, vocals) (08) 8242 1145, Jambalaya John (drums, percussion), Kymbeaux Kym (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Buckwheat Steve (button and piano accordions, keyboard, rhythm guitar, vocals), or website

Music available - cd - Get Up And Dance.

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The Cruisers

Info - Recreating the look and sound of the 50's and 60's rock'n'roll era, with immaculate costuming and toe-tapping 4-part harmony, this versatile and highly danceable band brings to life the songs of the time for the young and young at heart.

Members & Contact - Barry Case (lead guitar, vocals) 08 8725 2623, Andrew Holliday (bass guitar, vocals), Gary Walker (drums, vocals), Fiona Holliday (rhythm guitar, vocals).

David Prior

Info - None supplied by artist

Dave Verrall

Info - "Mallee" Dave Verrall is one of our hardest working musicians and has carved out a reputation through his performances as an award winning singer and songwriter. Born and bred in the Mallee region (of South Australia), Dave writes about his experiences living in the country regions along the River Murray and  is well known and respected from his years of performing and living in the Riverland area (of South Australia) and has recorded several cds of original songs. A prolific songwriter, Dave has chronicled his life and the stories gathered during his travels throughout Australia. Typically Australian, Dave’s song always come from the heart and paint a vivid picture of the many aspects of Australian life.

Contact - 04 0071 9112 or web page or web page

Music available - cds - Songs Of Oz, If I Had Wings

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David Pearce

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - 08 8821 3051

Music available - cd - The Train Never Stops At Our Town

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Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Eddie Edwards & Friends

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

The Frontmen

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Garry Hunt

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Gemstone (Jorja & David Stone)

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

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Graeme Hugo (& Fine Form & Tru Country)

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

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Info - Heartland is headed by Kevin Bergen, who has established a reputation as one of South Australia's most sought after musicians. His versatility provides Heartland with the unique ability to showcase a variety of lead instruments. He has played in a number of bands such as Both Barrels, Buckshot and is a regular participant in The South Australian Council Of Country Music Showcase band.

Members & Contact - Kevin Bergen (lead guitar, pedal, steel, banjo, mandolin, vocals) (08) 8524 8063, Darryl Eckert (bass, rhythm, lead guitars, harmony vocals) (08) 8569 1569, Vince Wegener (piano, rhythm guitar, harmony vocals), Dave Schache (drums).

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Ian List

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Jay J Shannon (a.k.a. JJ Shannon)

Info - With more than 30 years experience in the music industry, Jay J Shannon has an extensive following throughout South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, with won a number of vocal awards in all 3 states as well as national awards in Tamworth (New South Wales) to his credit.  He has been a regular performer at country music festivals for many years and spends several months each year on tour in rural areas, and is known for his smooth and polished style.

Contact -  0410 709 945

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Jay J Shannon & Winchester (a.k.a. JJ Shannon & Winchester)

Info - With more than 30 years experience in the music industry, Jay J Shannon has an extensive following throughout South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, with won a number of vocal awards in all 3 states as well as national awards in Tamworth (New South Wales) to his credit.  He has been a regular performer at country music festivals for many years and spends several months each year on tour in rural areas.  The band Winchester is a very versatile, capable of entertaining any country music audience, with an extensive repertoire of country, country rock and a little bit of 50’s and 60’s rock and roll, they have proved extremely popular wherever they have performed.  This fun loving band amply supports Jay J Shannon’s smooth and polished vocal style.

Members & Contact - Jay J Shannon (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars) 0431 878 837, Debi McLachlan (vocals, bass guitar) 0416 300 080, Jan Murphy (bass guitar), Martin Krollig (drums), Michael Michallef (vocals, rhythm guitar).

Music available - cd - Sentimental Friend

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Jay Tobin

Info - Jay Tobin is an American who now resides in Adelaide (South Australia) with his Australian wife, and has worked extensively throughout the USA, specializing in vocals and keyboards and works with a band or solo, and has also been a partner in Close Call Music Inc' Production Company which produced music for film, radio and recording sessions. Jay has a background in stage and studio work in all capacities, playing with The Chambers Brothers Organization, Thirteen Hands, Dennis Yost & The Classic Four, Terry Gibbs,  Marshall Tucker (and many others), plus playing keyboards and drums as a session musician on over 370 albums. Jay has produced, arranged, composed and performed musical scores for award winning short subjects as well as half hour documentary specials with Portrait Of America: Georgia airing nationally by The Turner Broadcasting System. He has a strong repetoire and has worked for four years at the El Toval Hotel on The South Rim Of The Grand Canyon (USA), Willow Creek Inn at Prescott Arizona (USA), and was a choir teacher in Williams and the Grand Canyon (USA) area.

Contact - (08) 8281 6920 or 04 2121 0713

Music available - cd - Sunrise In Paradise

jay tobin2011.jpg (100790 bytes) jay tobin1.jpg (76897 bytes)

Jim Hermel

Info - Jim Hermel was (and still is) considered to be one of the finest guitarists around, backing lead guitarist to Australia's top recording stars, including John Farnham, Billy Thorpe, Ronnie Burns  and others, on concert tours early in their careers. In the late 70's and early 80's, Jim emerged as a recording and concert star in his own right, as vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, leading to Jim touring the USA and performing at most of the top clubs in Nashville, Tennessee (USA), including an appearance on the same show as legendary rocker, Jerry Lee Lewis at The Jerry Lee Lewis Showroom in famous Printer's Alley, Nashville (USA). In 1986 Jim again toured America, being based for 3 months in Austin, Texas (USA), performing at the top venues in Austin, including Austin's 6th Street, the home of Texas blues and former 'haunt' of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Jim then recorded his 4th album Texas Jam, which was featured in a "live-cross" to the studio during the six o'clock news. Jim also appeared on the main stage of the San Antonio Big River Festival (USA), an annual event which attracts 100,000 people, appeared on the top Saturday night cable television variety show, Citizens Live and performed concerts throughout the state of Texas (USA). In 1991 Jim again toured the USA, this time as male lead vocalist/guitarist with the band Red Buck. On this tour he again performed at The Big River Festival, performed for the Desert Storm troops at the U.S. army base at Fort Huachuca, Arizona (USA), appeared on NBC television, performed in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana (USA), many venues in Arizona (USA) and featured in a 30 minute documentary for U.S. television. In 1993 Jim was again with Red Buck when the band became the first western rock band in the world to perform in communist Laos and the first western rock band to perform in Vietnam since the war. All 11 concerts of South East Asia were sellouts and saw Red Buck become the 1st Australian band to perform at the famous Hard Rock Cafe in Bangkok (Thailand). In 1994 the band was invited back to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe and also performed a season at the prestigious Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bangkok (Thailand).
Bands - Black Cat Bone, Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix, Runaway Dixie, Jim Hermel & Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters.

Contact - (08) 8260 3062 or website or web page or web page

Music available (Jim Hermel) - cds - Nothing To Lose, The Ballad Of Creswick Mine, Highway To Ride

Music available (Black Cat Bone) - cd - White Lightning

Music available (Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix) - cd - Keep A-Rockin'

Music available (Runaway Dixie) - cd - Golden Mile

jimatdanduteaug05.jpg (10513 bytes) JimHermel2010l.jpg (104131 bytes) jim hermel 2010a.jpg (144338 bytes) jim hermel 2010b.jpg (43865 bytes) jh2012n.jpg (213299 bytes)

jh2012m.jpg (187813 bytes) jimhermelpressl.jpg (28415 bytes)

Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix

Jim Hermel's Rock'N'Roll Band (Formerly Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix)

Jim Hermel & Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters

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Joe Musico

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Juliet Oliver

Info - Based at McLaren Vale (South Australia), Juliet Oliver has received many awards in a short period of time, and performed throughout South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Contact - 0404 801 969 or web page 

Justin Standley

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Kevin Smiff

Info - Kevin Smiff is "The man from the land of skiffle" with his roots in rock and roll, rockabilly and skiffle.

Contact - website 

Music available - cd - Kevin Smiff

kevin smiff1.jpg (98968 bytes) kevin smiff2.jpg (64495 bytes) kevin-smiff3m.jpg (31551 bytes)

Key Country Band

Info - 2013 saw the versatile Key Country celebrating it's 25th year. Known for their range of music from country to rock & roll, modern classics and originals, the multiple award winning Key Country has played to venues across Australia for festivals, concerts, corporate functions, plus many charities and community organisations. Add to that, Key Country traveled to Tokyo (Japan) back in 1995 and 1997. Judith Waugh was inducted into The Riverland Country Music Hall Of Fame at Barmera (South Australia) in 2000.

Members & Contact - Judith Waugh (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) (08) 8381 3563 or 04 1880 7445 or web page , Graeme "Smiley" Waugh (lead guitar, vocals), Bill Mouthann (bass), Billy Clarke (drums).

Music available - cds - Knockin' At Your Door, Honky Tonkin'

key-country1x800.jpg (231452 bytes) key-country7a-2013.jpg (353951 bytes) key-country10-2012.jpg (324599 bytes)

key-country6a-2012.jpg (374548 bytes) key-country5a-2011.jpg (379720 bytes) key-country8a.jpg (133626 bytes) key-country11.jpg (1029274 bytes) key-country9a.jpg (297242 bytes)

Kim Ritchie (Victoria, Australia)

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Kylie Adams-Collier

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Lee Brocky & Outback Overdrive

Info - Living in Coonalpyn (South Australia), Lee Brocky lives and breathes music, and feels it is an essential ingredient of his life, as it's how he can express his thoughts and ideas, through one of the most accessible forms of art. To be able to share his artistic views in songwriting, and perform the same songs to an audience he considers a great adventure, and one that takes Lee to many varied venues and locations in Australia, and with the aid of his recordings his music reaches the overseas market. The band Outback Overdrive creates the back-bone of his songs, and is respected for their vocals and harmonies, with both Lee and Outback Overdrive also winning several awards over the years.

Contact - 04 0724 5099 or website or web page or web page 

Music available - cds - Upside Down, Memory Lane

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lb2.jpg (37633 bytes) lb3.jpg (47754 bytes) lb4.jpg (26165 bytes)

Leo Beinke

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Matthew James

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Michaela Jenke

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Michaela Jenke & The Zerna Boys

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Murray Mac & True Grit

Info - Murray Mac's strong and dynamic sound has won him countless awards from South Australia to Victoria and New South Wales, and fans across Australia. 1999 saw Murray the proud recipient of the South Australian Industry Award For Service And Dedication To Country Music and was inducted into The Riverland Country Music Hall Of Fame at Barmera (South Australia) in 2001, going on to become the Vice President of the South Australian Country Music Festival held annually in South Australia's Riverland, plus appearing annually at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (in New South Wales). Murray  is also well known for his hard work encouraging and promoting new talent in the industry, playing a major role in forging many careers. Along with his band True Grit, he has remained high on the ladder of most sought after groups.

Members & Contact - Murray Mac (08) 8341 0979 or 04 1786 8571, Paul Orchard, Daryl Lee, Jay Tobin, Simon Ranger.

Music available - cds - Now And Then, Little Bit Of Love Little Bit Of Honky Tonk

wcmc-murray-mac-true-grit2.jpg (34414 bytes) murraymac_bcmc.jpg (24614 bytes) murray mac & true grit 2011 ian fisk.jpg (78027 bytes) true gritppirie2005.jpg (28478 bytes)

true_grit0304.jpg (21417 bytes) true gritmay2011.jpg (31120 bytes)

Nathan Bruhn

Info - Nathan Bruhn grew up in Neales Flat, near Eudunda (South Australia), playing drums at 8 years of age, and by 2011 performed (by invitation of Craig Giles), at the Tamworth Music Festival. Monies from both Nathan's ep Follow Your Dreams, and all performances, go to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Contact - website 

Music available - cd (ep) - Follow Your Dreams


Palomino Deluxe

Info - Palomino Deluxe is a 5 piece Adelaide (South Australia) based band that celebrates the classic era of country music and honky tonk, with style, charm, and buckets of talent.

Members - Tim Windsor (vocals, pedal steel guitar), Michael Scott (bass), Barnabas Smith (drums). Duncan Haynes (guitar), and Megan Laurie (vocals).

Contact - Tim Windsor 0416 251 921 or web page 

2015-PD01.jpg (286331 bytes) 2015-PD02.jpg (178157 bytes) 2015-PD03.jpg (154576 bytes)

2015-PD04.jpg (284693 bytes) 2015-PD05.jpg (226258 bytes) 2016pdlogox600.jpg (267595 bytes)

Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters

Info & Members - Versatile multi-instrumentalists, vocalists originally from the isolated northern outback of South Australia, Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters now reside in New South Wales. Peter was originally part of the popular Coad Brothers, and is a founding member of The Australian Bush Balladeers Association. Together with his sisters Virginia and Lynette (The Coad Sisters), they make up Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters, full time professional entertainers with over 20 years experience working in the music industry. Multi- talented musicians and songwriters, Virginia and Lynette started performing as The Coad Sisters in 1989 as a popular duo act who then joined their brother Peter Coad to become Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters in 1991. The Coad Sisters still perform as a duo occasionally. Their music includes "traditional" country style, ballads, originals, "standards", yodelling, touching on contemporary music, Irish and other influences, with a bit of bush poetry and comedy thrown in as well. A full show features the group playing drums, bass, lead, and rhythm guitar, mandolin, fiddle, keyboards, harmonica and harmonies.

Contact - web page or web page or web page

Music available (Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters) - cd - The Road We Travel

Music available (Peter Coad) - cds - A Good Season, Old Bush Mates

Music available (The Coad Sisters) - cds - Endless Highway, Front Row Ticket, Talk Of The Town

PCATCS04.JPG (200231 bytes) PCATCS07.JPG (58897 bytes) PCATCS08.jpg (58537 bytes) pcatcs90.jpg (132559 bytes) PCATCS11.JPG (55676 bytes) PCATCS10.jpg (57148 bytes) PCATCS05.jpg (61351 bytes)  

pcatcs97.JPG (311453 bytes) PCATCS06.JPG (55622 bytes) PCATCS09.jpg (32060 bytes)

Rene Diaz (Victoria, Australia)

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Rick Pace (The Territory Cowboy)

Info - After ten years living in Sydney (New South Wales) and extensively touring the northern parts of Australia, Rick Pace returned to Adelaide (South Australia) to continue his very popular one man show. While working in the top end, Rick appeared with Chad Morgan, Jimmy Little, Murray Mac, Ted Egan, Buddy Williams, Smokey Dawson, Bluey Francis (and many others). Rick also appeared on The Federation Outback Spectacular with John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John and Anthony Warlow. Prior to leaving South Australia, Rick shared lead vocals with in the band Buckshot, and at the same time was still doing his one man show.

Contact - 04 2887 1608

rick-pace1.jpg (17921 bytes) rick-pace2.jpg (16169 bytes) rick-pace3.jpg (24300 bytes) rick-pace4.jpg (31887 bytes) rp2012a.jpg (86247 bytes) rp2011a.jpg (202545 bytes)

Rocky, Dave & Friends

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist

Sandie Dodd (Victoria, Australia)

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - 0409 332 414 or PO Box 1014, Mountain Gate, Victoria, 3156 or Email or websites or or web page 

Music avilable - cds - More To Love, Burning Memories (ep)

Sandra Humphries

Info - Based in Mt Gambier (South Australia), the multi award winning independent singer/songwriter Sandra Humphries has full houses wherever she plays, and is in demand across Australia and around the world, with her faultless vocal delivery and stirring country roots, she's the real deal, and when hearing her sing, you know she's felt every emotion and survived it.

Contact - website or web page 

Music available - cds - I'm Stronger, Requested, I'm Worth It, Take The Pain Away, Every Road

The Sherrahs

Info & Members - The Sherrahs are a family group, consisting of Anthony and Tracy Stewart, with Steven and Michelle Sherrah. The unique story of the 2 families began when they met by chance, back in 1988 at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (New South Wales), when brother and sister Steven and Tracy moved to Australia from New Zealand, whilst Michelle (sister to Anthony) was competing as a Star Maker finalist. From that moment on, friendships were formed, leading to marriages and the group The Sherrahs, with Paul Orchard (drums).

Contact - (08) 8388 2597

The Steve Bartel Band

Info & Members - Based in Whyalla (South Australia) with a lineup including Steve Bartel (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Bernie Fenwick (drums, percussion), Craig Stringer (lead guitar, pedal steel), Peter Brown (keyboard, vocals), and Wal Pawlik (bass guitar, vocals), The Steve Bartel Band feature a mix of traditional, Americana, country blues and rockabilly.

Contact - 0437 529 745 or website or web page plus many videos on 

Music available - cds - Bailey Street, Time Will Tell

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Stewart James

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Taylor Pfeiffer (The Banjo Girl)

Info - No details supplied by artist.

Contact - No details supplied by artist. Website 

Music available - cd (ep) - The Banjo Girl

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Tiffney Stroh Reynolds

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Contact - No details supplied by artist. 

Tracey Rains & Claypan

Info - Tracey Rains has been singing since a child, growing up in the country (South Australia), and has built up an impressive repertoire of both classic, contemporary and gospel songs, plus winning a host of awards along the way.

Members & Contact - Tracey Rains (rhythm guitar, tambourine, vocals) 0429 866 769, Greg Bunnett (lead guitar, harmonies), Lindsay Oaklands (bass), Rod Porter (drums).

Music available - cd - Live

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Trevor Philbey

Info - Trevor Philbey has spent virtually all his life in the Mallee, (South Australia), and now lives at Evanston, near Gawler (South Australia) with a project studio for small recording sessions at his home. Trevor Philbey is known primarily as a solo artist, and has been playing for many years in the Mallee and the Barossa Valley (South Australia), and he has played lead with the DV8s. With a collection of guitars which allows him to vary his style and gives him the opportunity to play in many different genres of  music, his love of music (and the guitar in particular) drives him to achieve a sound which is distinctly his own, with a playing style has been influenced over the years by Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Hank Marvin and the like.

Contact - 04 0876 3326

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Trevor Keilar & Band

Info - None supplied by artist

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Vanessa Bourne (Victoria, Australia)

Info - Based in southern Victoria (Australia), singer/songwriter Vanessa (Vanny) Bourne has both a love and passion for singing, with an extensive repertoire ranging from classic country to contemporary favourites, plus her own original compositions.

Contact - Website or web page or Postal via PO Box 278 San Remo, Victoria 3925

Music available - cd(s) - Country At Heart with more details at 

or web page 

or web page 

or web page 

or web page 

or web page 


Info - Based in Mt Gambier (South Australia), Wildcard are highly regarded, and have gained a reputation that has seen them play most of Australia's biggest and best country music festivals, and have released a number of albums on their own label.

Contact - Barry Case 08 8725 2623

Workin' Overtime

Info - Workin' Overtime have been playing clubs, pubs, festivals and interstate events for over 25 years, and along with their exceptional layered harmonies and excellent rapport with the audience, they have hundreds of tunes in their repertoire; with everything from classic and modern country to 50's and 60's classic rock 'n roll, along with classic rock and pop, party favourites, plus much more...working to the audience or venue. The band operates as a four piece outfit (with 4 vocalists and 2 guitars, plus bass and drums); and also use a Roland guitar synth to expand their versatility even further, covering typical piano, brass, acoustic, and orchestral sounds. All P.A. and lighting equipment is supplied as required for small, intimate venues up to full outdoor concert setups.

Members - Stewart Ray (rhythm/lead guitar, vocals), Tammie Ray (bass guitar, vocals), Narelle Thomas (rhythm guitar, vocals), Peter 'Rocky' Datson (drums, percussion).

Contact -  Stewart Ray 0409 671 858 or Email: or Email or web page 





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