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- Sunday, April 1st, 2018

- "April Fools Day Show" -

- Kim Ritchie (Victoria)

- Backed by City Cowboys

- Plus Ian List

- Sunday, May 6th, 2018

- "Mother's Day Show" -

- Tiffney Stroh Reynolds

- Plus guest artist Heartland

Kim Ritchie (Victoria, Australia)

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City Cowboys

Info - City Cowboys is a good time 4 piece country band, that focus on getting and keeping people on the dancefloor having a good fun time, and are made up of drums, guitar, bass, piano and harmonica, with harmonies one of their strong points.

Members & Contact - Peter Symons (a.k.a. Boogie Man) (vocals, electric piano and harmonica) 04 6833 9662, Bill Clarke (drums) (08) 8234 1692, Joe Griffa (guitar, piano, trumpet and drums), Doc Sheedy (bass).

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Ian List

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Tiffney Stroh Reynolds

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Info - Heartland is headed by Kevin Bergen, who has established a reputation as one of South Australia's most sought after musicians. His versatility provides Heartland with the unique ability to showcase a variety of lead instruments. He has played in a number of bands such as Both Barrels, Buckshot and is a regular participant in The South Australian Council Of Country Music Showcase band.

Members & Contact - Kevin Bergen (lead guitar, pedal, steel, banjo, mandolin, vocals) (08) 8524 8063, Darryl Eckert (bass, rhythm, lead guitars, harmony vocals) (08) 8569 1569, Vince Wegener (piano, rhythm guitar, harmony vocals), Dave Schache (drums).

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